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   COMPOUND NEW    December 2011    SUBJECT – Archery Australia Elite Compound Program, 2012  I am planning to run a training weekend for elite compound archers on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th March 2012. The planned program is: Saturday: seminar and coaching session Sunday: ranking round and matchplay competition Venue: Diamond Valley Archers, Melbourne The seminar is planned to be a good opportunity to learn from each other and to share ideas on how we can all do better. I expect to have about four speakers (including some of the elite archers), and would welcome your inputs on what you would find most useful. I do have a number of ideas of my own, but if your ideas are better I would find that useful. I am planning to make use of the ?National Archery Series? competition that is being run in Victoria for the Sunday. The format will be a FITA 50 metre ranking round and then elimination matchplay, men and women shooting together. To make it more interesting I will be adding substantially to the prize pool. I expect to be able to subsidise a number of the top-ranked archers to attend ? I will determine the number and the amount closer to the event. Consequently, if you consider yourself one of that elite group you should reserve that weekend!! I would be quite happy to answer any questions you might have. Regards, James Park Head Coach and Compound Program Coordinator 22 December 2012 November 2011      Archery Australia (AA) Elite Compound Squad: participation in World Cup events, 2012   Background   The scores required to be internationally competitive continue to rise. An impressively high standard is now required for success in major international events.   Objectives:   Elevate the Australian standard to be consistently World Class.  Encourage continual improvement. Focus on the group of AA compounders who are most likely to succeed internationally, and who are willing to train hard, contribute financially to travel, and strive to be an elite archer in every capacity. Guiding principles   Reward and support success. Provide full funding only in very limited circumstances. That is, require an archer contribution. Provide funding only for those archers who are willing to be part of the AA elite compound squad.   Elite compound squad:   The AA focus is on the top performing male and female compounders Nationally. The goal is for AA to identify the group of archers who demonstrate the most potential to meet the scores required for success internationally.   AA will have activities that are aimed specifically at the compound squad to assist performance at World Cup events in 2012 and beyond.   If an Athlete breaches any requirement of the AA elite compound squad, or brings themselves or AA name into disrepute, AA may suspend or terminate the Athlete?s inclusion in the squad program.   The selection of archers for the 2012 World Cup events will only be from the AA elite compound squad, and will be required to achieve a minimum qualifying score (MQS) as detailed below.    Initially for inclusion in the AA elite compound squad archers are required to:    Achieve two MQS in excess of 680 for men and 660 for women at either 50 or 70 metres after 1 January 2011. The MQSs must be shot in a registered FITA event (including any Qualification and Ranking Event listed in the Archery Australia Tournament Calendar which can be found on the Archery Australia website; Sign the Archery Australia Team Agreement form and any other forms from time to time and provide them to Archery Australia P.O Box 54, Panania NSW 2213 or Email or Fax 02 9772 2749, by the requested due date; and Be a current member of a registered affiliate club of Archery Australia.   There are two levels of MQSs for international event selections: ?A? and ?B?.   Initially the required scores are:                                           Gender     A score      B score                                             Men          700          690                                         Women        680          670   Funding:   Some funding may be available for the top archers for some events (and specifically for the FITA World Cup events). However, any funding, other than entry fee and uniform is limited to those archers with at least one ?A? score in the year prior to selection.   Archers who have achieved at least one ?B? score in the year prior to selection are eligible for entry into World Cup events, but with no funding other than entry fee and uniform.   Archers who have not achieved at least one ?B? score in the year prior to selection are not eligible for entry into World Cup events.   Process:   Archers are required to register their interest in participating in the AA elite compound squad (ongoing), and specifically for participation in World Cup events (by due dates listed below), to the Compound Coordinator Jim Park on email address Team members will be selected in order of the highest ranked archers from the ranking list on the date of selections. Selected team members must be in good standing with AA and must meet financial requirements for the event.   Targeted events for 2012:   World Cup 1, China, 10/4-15/4/2012. The cut-off for registration of interest is the 31 December 2011. Team selection will be in January 2012. World Indoor Championships, Las Vegas, 4/2-9/2/2012. Team selection for compounders is now complete. World Cup 2, Turkey, 1/5-6/5/2012. The cut-off for registration of interest is the 31 January 2012. Team selection will be in February 2012. World Cup 3, USA, 17/6-23/6/2012. The cut-off for registration of interest is the 28 February 2012. Team selection will be in March 2012. It is also expected that archers will compete in the Australian National Championships, the Australian Open and potentially have interest in the World Field Archery Championships.