Anti Match Fixing Policy and Code of Conduct

The Archery Australia Board recently approved two new Archery Australia Policies, 1060 Anti Match Fixing Policy and 1061 Anti Match Fixing Code of Conduct. Both of these policies have been developed in line with an agreement and template endorsed by Federal and State governments on the 10 June 2011.  These policies have been based on the endorsed template although heavily modified from the original template to better reflect our sport, as the original template was aimed mainly at large professional team sports. These policies apply to Archery Australia Shadow Squad and National Team members, coaches engaged with the Shadow Squad and National Teams, Officials and personnel involved with Shadow Squad and National Teams, persons who hold governance positions within the sport or its member associations, Shadow Squad or National Team selectors and Shadow Squad or National Team Support Staff. The policies are overseen by the National Integrity of Sport Unit, Department of Regional Australia, Local Government, Arts and Sport.  To read more and view the original template click this link to the Department of Regional Australia – Given all State Governments have also adopted this Anti Match Fixing legislation, RGBs are encouraged to check with their relevant Department of Sport and Recreation to determine any requirements they may be required to impose on State Teams, in particular if the RGB receives State based funding or grants. James Larven Archery Australia