2012 Trans Tasman

2012 TRANS TASMAN    The 2012 Trans Tasman commences this week in Rotoura New Zealand.    The Official Opening Ceremony     RESULTS  Tuesday 17th April 2012 Mixed Team COMPOUND Gold – Jack Salmon/Renae Farrugia (AUS)Silver – Ella Hugo/Matt Tonowicz (AUS)Bronze – Elizabeth Randle/Dean Croskery (NZ) RECURVE  Gold – Jess Greenstein/Brendan Howe (AUS)Silver – Jess Sutton/Kane Wilson (AUS)Bronze – Luana Geng/Tomas Wray (AUS)  Ranking Results Compound Mixed Team Results Recurve Mixed Team Results   Wednesday 18th April 2012 Individual Matchplay Female Compound Gold Medal Match Ella Hugo AUS (GOLD) V Elizabeth Randle NZ (SILVER) Bronze Medal Match Emily Sutton  AUS (BRONZE) V Lori Morley NZ  Male Compound Gold Medal Match  Isaac Ellery NZ (GOLD) V Simon Bold AUS (SILVER) Bronze Medal Match  Sean Pianca AUS (BRONZE) V and Mat Tonowicz AUS   Female Recurve  Gold Medal Match  Jess Sutton AUS (GOLD) V Luana Geng AUS (SILVER)  Bronze Medal Match  Jess Greenstein AUS V Ashley Paap NZ (BRONZE)   Male Recurve  Gold Medal Match  Kane Wilson AUS (SILVER) V Alec Potts AUS (GOLD)  Bronze Medal Match  Brendan Howe AUS V Sebastain Ashburn NZ (BRONZE) Individual Matchplay Results  Individual Matchplay Charts  Individual Matchplay Medals  Thursday 19th and Friday 20th April 2012 Double FITA Round  TARGET RESULTS TRANS TASMAN PROPHY New Zealand – 5057 Australia – 5033  TRANS TASMAN RECORDS 2012 Updated Records      THE ARCHERY AUSTRALIA TEAM  MALE 20 and Under RECURVE  Brendan Howe (NSW)  MALE 20 and Under COMPOUND Jack Salmon (NSW) and Daniel Freid (WA) FEMALE 20 and UNDER RECURVE Jess Greenstein (NSW) and Shenna Wu (NSW)  FEMALE 20 and UNDER COMPOUND  Renae Farrugia (VIC)   MALE CADET RECURVE  Alec Potts (VIC) and Tomas Wray (WA) FEMALE RECURVE CADET Luana Geng (VIC) and Ella Hartcher (NSW) MALE CADET COMPOUND  Mat Tonowicz (NSW) and Edwin Dilnutt (VIC) FEMALE CADET COMPOUND  Ella Hugo (NSW) and Emily Sutton (SQAS) MALE INTERMEDIATE RECURVE Martin Geng (VIC) and Kane Wilson (NSW)  MALE INTERMEDIATE COMPOUND  Sean Pianca (NSW) and Simon Bold (VIC) FEMALE RECURVE CUB Jessica Sutton (SQAS)   MALE CUB COMPOUND Hayden Crampton (NSW)