2021 Postal Youth National Championships

Archery Australia will be hosting a postal 2021 Youth National Championships, following the success of the 2020 BacktoArchery Tournament.

The tournament was originally to be hosted at Burnie Bowmen in April however was postponed.

We searched to find the best and fairest solution for the 2021 Youth National Championships and the following plan has been devised with input from the Regional Governing Bodies. Although not everyone can be together for this event, this style of competition allows archers to compete locally with the final scores will be ranked nationally.

As a postal tournament, Archery Australia is anticipating a greater turnout of participants compared to hosting the event in one location.

Tournament Information

  • The tournament will be shot on four separate days in between 1/9/21 – 17/10/21.
  • Each RGB can pick days that best fits their calendar including weekends or weekdays during the school holidays.
  • Most RGB’s, if they choose, will have two locations where they can host the tournament days.
  • The days do not need to be concurrent but must include a total of 2 x 720 rounds and 2 x 1440 rounds. WA or AA Rounds relevant to the participants age division.
  • An archer’s best scores (1 x 720 and 1 x 1440 shoots) over the two rounds used as the archer’s competition score.
  • Ties will be separated by the usual scoring process.
  • The two shoots will allow for any anomalies in weather and ensure those who want to participate can have the opportunity to post at least one score if a date is inconvenient.
  • Short distance target (720) and 1440 rounds are included there will be no field or clout.
  • Medals for Short Distance and 1440 Rounds to be awarded separately.
  • Archers could shoot in a location that’s most suitable to them e.g. a member from Armidale participating can shoot at SQAS location, SA archer in VIC
  • Entry fees yet to be confirmed by the RGB’s shall be kept as low as possible.
  • Archers shall only shoot two of each round as a maximum.
  • All locations shall be run with full complement of judges under tournament conditions.
  • It is important there is recognition given to those archers who have sought State Team selection therefore a State Teams event will be run. As per normal State Team rules, teams would need to be nominated by a specified date.
  • State Team members will not be required to shoot at an event in their state – see above Armidale/SQAS point.

RGB’s have been provide all information for running this tournament.

Best of luck to all archers competing!