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National Pathway Squads (NPS)

National Pathway Squads (NPS)

The Archery Australia National Pathways Squad (NPS) is a long term, holistic development program. The program replaces the previous P24 programs and is designed to identify talented archers across Australia and support them towards entering the National Recurve Program (NRP) and National Para Program (NPP)
as well as support selection for relevant international events.

The NPS also aims to educate and develop archers in growing their High-Performance behaviours, transition into well rounded athletes, as well as be resilient and independent athletes that engage with
Archery Australia programs. The program is nationally focused and has been developed by the Archery Australia High Performance
team and aligns with our AA Pathways strategic plan (2022-28) as well as Archery Australia’s Strategic plan (2022 – 2026).

The program is partnered with the AIS Performance Pathways unit and has been developed to provide a pathway for athletes wishing to represent Australia at major international events.

The program is open to Olympic and Paralympic disciplines.

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Program guideline

Current members of the NPS program (at June 2023)

Olympic – Para Name Home Club
Recurve Peyton Jarosz Werribee
Recurve Tara Choo SOPA
Recurve Amelie Lu Werribee
Recurve Maja Kecskes Warringah
Recurve Noa Bar am Adelaide
Recurve Liezel Roux Centenary
Recurve Jessica Lloyd SCAC
Recurve Yi Wen Lim Yokine
Recurve Ella Rose Carson Armidale
Recurve Jack Love MPB
Recurve Paco NG MPB
Recurve James Azli Adelaide
Recurve Ashton Clarke SCAC
Recurve Chase Pitman Adelaide
Recurve Lincoln Schell SCAC
Recurve Archer Gray Werribee
Recurve Clay Nimmo SVTA
Recurve Yash Sharma Moorabin
Recurve Patrick Willis SCAC
Para Matilda Mobbs SOPA
Para Anas Helmy SOPA
Para Mia Grima Penrith
Para Siddhant Sachdera MPB
Para Jadein Burns Tuggeranong
Para Patrick French DVA
Para Nathan Roy MPB
Para Sujay Babu MPB
Para Richard Davis Adelaide
Para Greg Fowler MPB
Para Joel Fernandes MPB