BOW TYPE: Recurve
CLUB: Sydney Olympic Park Archery

+61 406 660 449

Hi I am Marcus, I was born in Hong Kong and moved to Australia 4 years ago. I first saw archery on youtube of the Rio Olympic games. I was in awe of of the confidence, liquidity, and control that was Ku Bonchan when he was shooting for gold. 10s after 10s had me very much intrigued with the sport and sparked the undying intrigue I still have today.

In year 7 my school ran archery lessons and it was a no brainer for me. To be able to connect with a sport and to imitate Ku Bonchan or any sportsperson as a kid is a priceless experience which I and other children of today share.

The turning point of my archery journey was meeting Coach Oh. I remember first seeing him in the club house and from that moment onward I knew it would be the start of something profound. I am very grateful to have met him, in my perspective he has been the most caring and strict with reason individual I have met outside my family. He not only taught me how to shoot with confidence and discipline but also how to conduct myself as such. I am looking forward to training hard and improving myself as a way to say thank you for all the invaluable lessons I have learned. 코치님, 여러 가지로 감사드립니다. 앞으로도 계속 연락합시다!

These past few years have been exhilarating. In 2022 I came first in the qualifications at the Australian Open, along with that I was able to gauge and interact with the many factors that influenced not only my score but aslo how I felt when I shot. Although I came first in qualifications, the confidence I needed to win gold was just not there.

I also travelled to Ireland for the Youth World Archery Championships. There I qualified the highest in my team and I am grateful for the opportunity I had to shoot all the elimination matches. Although the results were disappointing on paper, the experience was not. I met people from other countries who I now call my friends.

My goals in archery is to continue representing my country, and to travel overseas to compete in world cups, world championship, and hopefully the Olympics next year in Paris.
I may even be deserving enough to will something, we will only know next year.

The next few years will be exciting, as a finish my HSC this year, I’ll officially begin my international archery career, I will train at a higher volume and with more purpose and hold myself accountable to that as I have written it here, I will worry about my journey here first and higher goals I will reach for later, right now I am still building my ladder.