New Members Join The Paris 24 Para Program

Off the back of our biggest team to attend the Paralympic games since the 2000 games, Para-archery continues to grow across Australia with 3 new members joining the P24P pathways program.

New additions to Paris-24 Para Program

The squad now moves to 11 athletes nationwide and has been going from strength to strength during this difficult year.

New Members Steve Green (SQAS), Natalie Smith (SQAS) and Melissa Tanner (SQAS) will join the existing Brisbane members who train together weekly under the watchful eye of the lead Brisbane Coach, Paul Beavis.

“The 3 new members come with truly amazing sporting backgrounds, and that experience brings a great dynamic to the rest of the group as well,” said Paul. “The rate of their development in the sport and interest in training has been fantastic and with National Para Coach Ricci connecting with us so regularly we hope to see that growth continue.”

This year the Brisbane group has seen two of its archers move up to National Development squad status (Chris Davis and Kieran Dinnerville) and a third reach the 2021 Paralympic Games (Taymon Kenton-Smith).

Future Plans For Para-archery

National Para Coach, Ricci Cheah is “so excited to have the new members join the squad. We have been seeing some great interest in para-archery since the games and these 3 archers are some great potentials for our future.”

The national P24P program gather digitally and in person (where possible) and are set to focus on the 2022 Para Nationals as well as some members towards the 2022 World Para Champs.

The squad members are aiming to make the Paris 2024 Paralympic team, not only the biggest, but also the strongest in Australian history.

Para-archery Is Growing

Para-archery also saw a great boost over the last few weeks with Para specific come and try events in WA and QLD. The events saw a great number of individuals try our incredibly inclusive sport. The events are a partnership between Paralympics Australia and Archery Australia and for more info of these sessions be sure to see here.

For anyone interested in learning more about Archery Australia’s Pathways programs please follow this link.

Current P24P Squad

  • Taymon Kenton-Smith – South Queensland Archery Society
  • Thomas Holland – South Queensland Archery Society
  • Kieran Dinnerville – South Queensland Archery Society
  • Chris Davis – South Queensland Archery Society
  • Melissa Tanner – South Queensland Archery Society
  • Steve Green – South Queensland Archery Society
  • Natalie Smith – South Queensland Archery Society
  • Anas Helmy – Archery New South Wales
  • Melissa Toyne – Archery Victory
  • Kevin Faulkner – Archery Society of Tasmania
  • Craig McMurdo – Archery Western Australia