QRE – BOM Target QRE – Nov 5

Name of Event:  Bowmen Of Melville QRE Host RGB or Club:  Bowmen Of Melville Round/s to be shot:  WA70/720, WA60/720, WA50/720, AA50/720, AA40/720, AA30/720 Start… Read More »

QTRE – Mt Petrie Bowmen Target QRE Nov 6

Name of Event:  TARGET QRE Host RGB or Club:  MT PETRIE BOWMEN Round/s to be shot:  WA70/720, WA60/720, WA50/720, WA50/720(BB), AA50/720, AA40/720, AA30/720, PARA W1 OUTDOOR 50/720, VI… Read More »

QRE – SVAC Indoor QRE – Nov 7

Name of Event:  Indoor QRE Host RGB or Club:  SVAC Round/s to be shot:  WA Indoor Start Times:  6 : 45 pm Date of the Event:  07-Nov-2022 Register as Archery… Read More »