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QRE – SCAC Target QRE – Feb 12

Name of Event:  SCAC QRE Host RGB or Club:  SCAC Select your RGB:  SQAS Round/s to be shot:  WA70/720, WA60/720, WA50/720, AA50/720, AA40/720, AA30/720 Start Times:  8 :30 am Date… Read More »

QRE – GSA Target QRE – Feb 12

Name of Event:  GSA QRE Host RGB or Club:  GSA Select your RGB:  ArcherySA Round/s to be shot:  WA70/720 WA60/720 WA50/720 AA50/720 WA40/720 WA30/720 Start Times:  9 : 30 am… Read More »