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World Archery Registered – Triple Field Tournament – Nov 26

November 26, 2022

Name of Event:  Triple Field Tournament

Host RGB or Club:  Northern Archers of Sydney

Round/s to be shot:  24Target WA Marked Field Tournament

Start Times:  10 am

Start Date of the Event:  26-Nov-2022

Finish Date of Event:  26-Nov-2022

Register as Archery Alliance:  No

Event Venue:  Northern Archers of Sydney, Pennant Hills

Contact Details:  Tyrone Digby – President Farhad Elavia – Secretary northenarchersofsyd@gmail.com

Website Address:  http://www.northernarchers.com

Other details or conditions:  This event is only open to members of the triple clubs (Northern, Liverpool and Penrith).
Registrations are limited to a total of 48 archers per event which will consist of 16 archers from each club.
Each host club reserves the right to deregister an archer if they are not a financial member or associate member of any of the 3 host clubs.
Registrations for each day event close 6pm of the Thursday evening before the event.
In the case of the event not being full (48 archers) each host club is allowed to fill the remaining vacant positions with their own club members no later than the day prior to the commencement of the event, or at the event coordinators digression.
The cost to each event is FREE to all participants with a BBQ offered by the host club.
This competition is WA Marked 24 Target Field Tournament. Muster at 9am


November 26, 2022