Carer and Disability Support


Archery Australia (AA) is a ‘sport for all, for life’ and as such recognises the importance of providing a
performance environment that is safe and inclusive for all its members. AA is committed to providing
such an environment to those athletes with disability in its programs by ensuring that appropriate
support is engaged.

AA recognises existing Australian Anti-Discrimination Legislation and as such is committed to
ensuring that every person has the right to access the sport of Archery in Australia. As per said
legislation, AA will not tolerate any forms of unlawful or unwanted discrimination against individuals
with disability, in any circumstances. Complaints around discrimination should be lodged with AA or
Sport Integrity Australia (SIA).

This policy intends to:- Outline how High-Performance Athletes with Disability within National Programs or Teams
will receive individualised support specific to their disability where required during related
National activities and events; and,
– Assist High-Performance Athletes with Disability to make informed decisions in relation to
their performance and wellbeing during their time in Programs and teams.

1. Athlete Responsibilities
2. Staff Responsibilities
3. AA Responsibilities
4. Identifying Support Requirements
5. Provision of Support Requirements
6. Policy Implementation
7. Appendix 1 – Additional Support Plan Example


Please click here -> AA Carer and Disability Support Policy 2024 v1 to view the policy.