2023 World Archery Youth Championships

2023 World Archery Youth Championships

Location: Limerick, Ireland

Date: 1-9 July 2023

We are pleased to release the selection policy for the 2023 World Youth Championships. This policy outlines the process and criteria by which Archery Australia will selection athletes to compete at this tournament.

Please note that international travel is not assured and we will adhere to the current COVID-19 protocols at the time.

Click here to view the selection policy


Further information:

We have received several enquiries about the selection criteria for the 2023 WAYC team regarding the number of MQS/AQS scores required for selection. The AA Selection Committee will interpret the MQS/AQS section of the policy in the following manner:

  • Archers are required to achieve 3x MQS scores to be considered for selection and if one or more of these scores is also an AQS, they will be considered for automatic selection (3 scores in total are needed).

In addition there have been enquiries regarding the required World Archery Youth Championships (WAYC) selection scores for Cadet (U18) archers who are currently training and competing at 70m rather than the Cadet distance of 60m. The AA Selection Committee has confirmed:

Cadet athletes can continue to shoot QRE’s at the Open distance of 70m and these will be converted through Archers Diary into a 60m equivalent for selection purposes. Archers do not have to physically shoot scores at 60m to achieve selection scores, this can be done at 70m