2021 Indoor World Archery Series

World Archery (WA) are proceeding with their annual Indoor World Series (IWS) in 2021. Given the current global travel restrictions, WA have decided to proceed with a combination of live and remote events to get as many archers involved as possible.

The live events will be held as follows:

Stage 1 – Lausanne 21st – 22nd November

Stage 2 – Lausanne 19th – 20th December

Stage 3 – Nimes 15th – 17th January

Stage 4 – Vegas 10th – 14th February

Remote events can take place in two ways:

  • WA Registered Tournaments
  • Remote online club events


The WA IWS is open to Recurve, Compound and Bare Bow Recurve archers with both male and female divisions. It is an OPEN event so there are no age divisions.

Archers will be ranked via their best three (3) scores.

The 18m Indoor Round can be shot either indoors or outside. However, any WA Registered IWS Tournaments must be shot Indoors under tournament conditions with the correct complement of judges.

Prizemoney is also available through the Teams event for Recurve and Compound. An entry fee is required and team members MUST shoot at a WA Registered Tournament.


Archery Australia Support:

Archery Australia fully support the 2021 IWS concept proposed by WA. Given Australians are unable to travel we are looking to our RGB’s with support from their clubs to arrange WA Registered Tournaments.

Events shot in Australia will need to be completed across the weekends that correspond with the dates above.

We hope RGB’s and Clubs wishing to participate in Stage 1 (November) of the IWS would consider the AA BacktoArchery Tournament is being held on that same weekend. If running both events, we recommend hosting them at different times to avoid clashing.

Scoring for all participants must be done by Ianseo scorekeeper app. For more information, please visit here. Archery Australia is not involved with the scoring process so we are unable to assist any archers or clubs. Please contact World Archery for any technical assistance needed. Download the app here:

WA Tournament Registration – A registration fee is required for registered events payable to WA. Archery Australia will pay this fee to WA with no cost to the RGB or Club seeking WA registration.

To register your tournament with WA please contact Anthony Maxworthy at amaxworthy@archery.org.au

Remote Online Club Events – Any club can arrange an event to be shot either indoor or outdoor.

Individual archers can shoot in the WA IWS at their local club without an official club event being organised.

Scoring must be done using the Ianseo Scorekeeper App. The event must be also held within the relevant time zone – WA will confirm shortly.

NOTE – Archery Australia do not condone shooting of this event at home


Teams Event:

Teams of three archers for both compound and recurve teams can be registered with WA.

Each team must be of mixed gender either 2f + 1m or 2m + 1f.

Teams MUST shoot at WA Registered Tournaments and can shoot at different locations during the ranking rounds. However, teams ranked in the top four (4) who proceed to the live online Finals MUST be able to shoot at the same final’s venue.

Teams can be registered for CHF60 which currently converts to approximately AUD $93.

Registration of teams is via the WA Online shop here. For more detail on the Teams Event please Click Here. Closing date of team registration: 31/12/20.

Any country can register multiple teams, but an individual can only participate in a single team.

The live Final for the team’s event will be held on 27th – 28th February 2021.

As there has been no time for a selection procedure, Archery Australia will not be selecting any teams for this event.

For more information – please Click Here