World Archery Registered - Steve Roberts Memorial

World Archery Registered - Steve Roberts Memorial

World Archery and Alliance Event

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Event date: 17/08/2019 - 19/08/2019 Export event

Name of Event: Steve Roberts Memorial Shoot

Host RGB or Club: Tuggeranong Archery Club

Round/s to be shot: Day 1: WA 12/12 Field Day
2: WA 60/900 (Canberra), Short Canberra, Junior Canberra
Day 2: Single Clout Day
3: WA Indoor 25

Start Times: 9 am

Start Date of the Event: 17-Aug-2019

Finish Date of Event: 19-Aug-2019

Register as Archery Alliance: Yes

Event Venue: Tuggeranong Archery Club

Contact Details:

Website Address:

Entry Postal Address:

Other details or conditions: Three day multi-discipline event in memory of Steve Roberts. 50% of Registration Fees and all canteen profits will be donated to the Children's Cancer Foundation and Lifeline.
Day 1 (Saturday): WA 12/12 Field (12 Marked, 12 Unmarked). Signon/Practice from 8:30am; Muster 9:30pm Scoring 10:00
Day 2 (Sunday): Morning - WA 60/900 (Canberra) rounds. Signon 8:00am Practice 9:00am Scoring 9:30am Day 2 (Sunday): Afternoon - Single Clout. Signon 1:00pm practice 1:30pm Scoring 2:00pm
Day 3 (Monday): Evening - WA Indoor 25. Signon 6:00pm practice 6:50pm scoring 7:15pm Entry Fees (Pay on the day):
Any Two or More Events: Seniors($50) Juniors/Vets/Pensioners($40) Field Only Seniors($25) Juniors/Vets/Pensioners($20)
Target Only Seniors($25) Juniors/Vets/Pensioners($20)
Clout Only Seniors($15) Juniors/Vets/Pensioners($10)
Indoor Only Seniors($20) Juniors/Vets/Pensioners($15)
Families of three or more archers only pay for two adult entries.
By entering this event you agree to be bound by the Constitution and Rules of Archery Australia Inc.


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