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Archery Australia has an arrangement with SportsTG (STG) to provide the Website, Membership Database, Online Shop, Online Tournament Registration System and an Online Tournament Entry System for the benefit of members.

This page attempts to detail just some of the services and features of the National Membership Database and to answer some of the questions that people might have.

Archery Australia is calling the National Membership Database My Archery and has produced a brief presentation of the various functions and services that are offered.


Why do we maintain a National Membership Database?

Archery Australia, as the National Governing Body for the sport of Archery in Australia has a legal responsibility to keep accurate and up to date records of all registered affiliates (members). This information is maintained in line with the Archery Australia Privacy Policy.

Who owns the members data?

Each individual owns their own information and each person is provided a unique Password and Login which will enable them to view and update their details through the Archery Australia website. If you have not received your Password or Login, contact your Club or contact the Archery Australia Office at

Who can view this data?

As previously mentioned, while the individual can view and update their own information, the designated person at the Club can view this data enabling the Club to update information, contact members and send out information, etc.

The RGB designated membership officer and the Archery Australia CEO also have access to individuals' details for similar purposes.

How secure is my information?

SportsTG currently maintains over 1.5 million members for some of the worlds largest sports as well as many of the smaller sports. You can view the SportsTG Privacy Policy at

All data is stored at Melbourne IT, which is one of the largest and most trusted data storage centres in Australia.

How much does the STG System cost Archery Australia?

SportsTG does not charge any contract fee; it operates by charging an administration fee on transactions completed by card or PayPal. All other transactions are free of charge. The fee can be absorbed by Archery Australia, Club or RGB, or it can be charged back in full )or as a percentage of the fee) to the credit/debit card holder. If any portion of the fee is charged back to the card holder; the fee to be charged must be clearly declared up front.

How do I pay my fees?

In the past, the only options were Cash or Cheque which are becoming less convenient for many people. The National Membership Database still allows for the payment of fees by cash or cheque but now the option of payment by Direct Credit or Credit Card or PayPal is available.

If you wish to pay or renew your Club membership, you don't even need to visit the Club to pay your fees, as you are able to do this on line.

If I pay my fees by Credit Card how does the Club get paid?

Archery Australia, each RGB and each Club has set themselves up in the system. They did this by providing through a secure site, the contact details of the RGB or Club and their bank details. So when there is a credit card transaction the total fees paid are split up into predetermined amounts and deposited automatically into the Archery Australia, RGB and Club account.

The system makes for a quick and convenient system, removing a lot of the manual processing previously encountered.

If you are a new Club, contact your RGB about the process of getting added to the system.

Are my Credit Card details safe and secure?

STG does not store any credit card details. It utilises the Paypal payment gateway, in conjunction with the National Australia Bank so all credit card details remain with Paypal which is fully PCI compliant.


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