Sponsorship & Advertising

Can I wear advertising on my shooting clothing?

The answer is "yes" for all registered tournaments, National Teams and International Teams.

Advertising may be worn, but there are restrictions which are covered in the World Archery Rules 2.2 Eligibility Code.

1. Tobacco and alcohol advertising and sponsorship are forbidden at all times.

2. Athletes may wear advertising in addition to the normal manufacturer trademarks of the articles worn. The manufacturer’s trademark is the registered mark of the company which produced the item. If a company has an item made for it under contract, the label of the item, if appropriate to the item, shall correspond to its trademark.

3. Athletes may have advertising on their personal and technical equipment (e.g. bows, bags, etc.) in addition to the item's normal trademark.

4. All advertising referred to above shall not exceed 400 sq cm per item; this means 20 cm x 20 cm or any other such combination.

5. Competitors numbers are not covered by this article.

6. All trademarks referred to shall not exceed 30 sq cm (5 cm x 6 cm or any other such combination) except trademarks on bows and stabilisers.

7. The official insignia, flag or emblem of the country or Member Association they represent has no restriction as to size and is not counted as advertising.

8. These rules are to be observed by all competitors and team officials present on the field of play.


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