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A performance recorded by a current full financial affiliate (member) of Archery Australia for a score (including a perfect score) that betters a previously recorded score shall be recognised as an Australian Tournament Record, provided that it was shot in strict accordance with Archery Australia and World Archery Rules.

A score shot by a member of Archery Australia while competing in a National or International Tournament or a tournament registered with Archery Australia may be recognised as an Australian Record; provided that adequate evidence of the score and the bona fides of the event are provided to the Archery Australia Tournament and Records Committee.

A record may be established in an event conducted provided that:

  • The person claiming the record MUST be a current full financial affiliate (member) of Archery Australia at the time the record was shot.
  • There MUST be a minimum of (two for Outdoor Target and three for Field or Indoor) current financial affiliates (members) allocated to the target and a minimum of three engaged in the scoring process.
  • There must be competitors from more than one club competing, these people MUST be registered with Archery Australia through the club they are representing at the tournament.
  • There must be Archery Australia (or higher qualified) Judge officiating at the tournament.
  • The tournament MUST be registered and listed on the Archery Australia calendar.

An Australian Tournament Record can be claimed for rounds and distances listed below, these table can also be found in the Archery Australia Shooting Rules


Schedule 4A - 1 Outdoor Target Archery Rounds
Schedule 4A - 2 Field Archery
Schedule 4A - 3 Clout
Schedule 4A - 4 Indoor

SCHEDULE 15B - Crossbow

Schedule 15B - Crossbow

Except for international events the Archery Australia Tournament and Records Committee MUST receive the Claim Form, completed and signed Scorecard and copy of the Official Results containing the performance of the athlete creating the Record from the RGB Recorder. 

The scorecard MUST be signed by the athlete and scorer.

For international events listed on the World Archery Calendar a copy of the Official Results is all that is required for the recognition of a Tournament Record.

For other international events not listed on the World Archery Calendar a copy of both the scorecard and official results sheet is required.

Archery Australia Scorecards MUST be used, find scorecards HERE.

Fully completed and signed Claim Form and Scorecard endorse by the RGB Recorder (confirming that the requirements were all met) must be received by Archery Australia Tournament and Records Committee within two calendar months of the event. 

The scorecard must be sent to Archery Australia Tournament and Records Committee through the individuals RGB and must be endorsed by the RGB Recorder concerned.

Records will only be accepted when the score is recorded on the approved Archery Australia scorecard (except for international events). The record will be rejected if a non approved scorecard is used.

If the scorecard is received not correctly or fully completed or signed or containing any errors and omissions the Archery Australia Tournament and Records Committee have the right to reject the record claim or seek further evidence of the record. 

A record will lapse if it is not received by the Archery Australia Tournament and Records Committee within 2 months of the date the score was shot or if further evidence requested and is not provided within 6 months of the request for further being information issued.

If a Record is rejected or lapses there will be no further discussion and only the Archery Board can deal with the matter, they shall their decision shall be final.   

If the round shot contains another round for which a record can be claimed only the Round being shot can be claimed, for example the round being shot is a Sydney Round which is 30 arrows at 60m, 50m, 40m, and 30m and a record is shot for a FITA 900 which is 30 arrows at 60m, 50m and 40m only the Sydney Round can be claimed.

Where distance records are recognised as part of a round these can be claimed. 

The performance for any age group that is better than the record for a higher age group (except Master & Veteran) shall be the Record for the higher age group.  

For Master & Veteran, a performance that is better than the record for the Open group shall be the Open record.

RGB and Club Records

Regional Divisions and Clubs may maintain their own records, the rules and administration procedures for such records shall be at the discretion of the Regional Division and club.

Recognition of Records

The Tournament and Records Committee shall examine every claim for a record and may require further evidence.

The athlete concerned and their RGB will be notified of a new record by the RGB Recorder receiving the Record Certificate which must be passed onto the archer. 

Record information will be updated on the Archery Australia website each quarter.

A list of the existing Records and Records granted during the year shall be included in the Archery Australia Tournament and Record Committee’s Annual Report to the Archery Australia AGM.




What is a Tournament?

A tournament is a competition where all current financial affiliates (members) of Archery Australia (or the RGB for local tournaments) are invited to enter and participate. The Tournament is generally not limited by Division, Class, Gender or Category although some tournaments such as Matchplay, Traditional may be limited by Performance, Division, Class or Category.

Tournaments may also include classifications with are determined by score or Handicap Rating.

A tournaments must be strictly conducted to Archery Australia or World Archery Rules. 

A tournament Organising Committee MUST -

  • List the tournament on the Archery Australia Calendar;
  • Publicly invited entries and ensure the correct language and terminology is used in the Entry Form to avoid confusion;
  • Use Archery Australia approved scorecards;
  • Publish and distribute a complete list of results; 

 What time can a Tournament (QRE) commence?

There is no requirement in the Archery Australia Rules which specifies a starting time for a tournament or QRE. Tournaments may start at any time as determined by the Organising Committee. Starting times MUST be clearly published on the Entry Form.

Can an Australia Tournament Record claim be rejected?

YES, if the application for a record is received by the Archery Australia Tournament and Records Committee after the two months time frame. Also a  record claim can be rejected if supporting scorecards are not completed fully or correctly, see information from the Tournament and Records Committee.

What happens if the Score is Equal to an Existing Score?

In case of a perfect score shot a new record shall include the number of 10s and X‘s (6's and 5's For Field or 10's and 9's for Clout and National Indoor) and shall require at least one more X (6 or 10) than the existing record.

Who accepts or rejects a record claim?

The Tournament and Records Committee receive and are the sole group who approves or rejects Record Claims. 

Any appeal can only be made to or heard by the Archery Australia Board.

Does a Judge need to be in attendance?

A Judge/s MUST be in attendance at a Registered Tournament. For QREs a Judge MUST be in attendance.

Can a Judge be a Shooting Judge?

Shooting Judges can officiate in conjunction with non Shooting Judge/s at Tournaments. For QREs Shooting Judges may officiate. 

If the Venue Management, Lease Holder or Owner through lease or hire arrangements imposes requirements on the Organising Committee and these are not fully followed will a record claim be rejected?

There is no requirement in the Archery Australia Shooting Rules that the Organising Committee must follow Venue Management, Lease Holder or Owner requirements or conditions. All Archery Australia is concerned with is that the Archery Australia and/or World Archery Shooting Rules are followed.

Any breach in Venue Management, Lease Holder, Owner or lease or hire arrangements is a matter between the Organising Committee and the Venue Manager, Lease Holder or Owner.

 Will a record claim be rejected if a safety issue/s are identified during the tournament (QRE)?

Unless there were exceptional circumstances safety is an issue for the Organising Committee/Club, Venue Manager, Lease Holder or Owner. Serious safety breaches, accidents or near misses should be reported by the officiating Judge to the RGB or Archery Australia Office.

 If a Judge supervising a Tournament or QRE is related to the person claiming the record will be record be rejected?

NO, given Archery is a family sport it would be difficult to run events if such conditions were imposed, we always rely on the honesty of everyone. 

What would happen if there are only one or two archers shooting on a Target?

Under Archery Australia and World Archery rules it is acceptable for a minimum of two archers to be shooting and scoring on a target for Outdoor Archery, for Field and Indoor Archers there must be a minimum of three archers shooting and scoring on a target.

If the situation happens possibly due to withdrawals or limited entries where there is only one archer shooting on a target, scoring should be undertaken by archers from a neighboring target or if necessary scoring should be supervised by a Judge and the Judge should act as the second scorer if double scoring is being used.

Who is responsible for submitting the Record Claim?

It is the responsibility of the archer (or their club) to contact the RGB Recorder that a Australian Tournament Record has been broken. Scorecards and Official Results must be promptly sent to the RGB Recorder who will complete and submit the Claim Form.  

The RGB Recorder will then send the Scorecard, Official Results and Claim Form to the Archery Australia Tournament or Records Committee through their RGB Recorder.

How Do I Know the Score I Shot Maybe a Record?

Ideally the Organising Committee should have available at the Tournament the list of current Australian Tournament Records, these can be found HERE



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