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What sponsor advertising can I wear?

For archers representing Archery Australia in an international competition or competing in Australian in a World Archery registered tournament shall comply with the requirements imposed by World Archery.

You should refer to the World Archery Eligibility requirements clause 2.2 of the World Archery Rule Book.

A summary of the World Archery requirements -

  • Tobacco and alcohol advertising and sponsorship are forbidden at World Championships.
  • Athletes may wear advertising in addition to the normal manufacturer trademarks of the articles worn. The manufacturer’s trademark is the registered mark of the company which produced the item. If a company has an item made for it under contract, the label of the item, if appropriate to the item, shall correspond to its trademark.
  • Athletes may have advertising on their personal and technical equipment (e.g. bows, bags, etc.) in addition to the item's normal trademark.
  • All advertising on clothing above shall not exceed 400cm2 per item.That is the total advertising on an item combined must not exceed 400cm2 e.g. 20cm x 20cm or 40cm x 10cm.
  • This restriction applies to items such as clothing, bows, stabilisers, quivers, chest guards, spotting scopes, bags, caps etc.Athletes' competitor numbers are not covered by this rule.
  • All trademarks referred above shall not exceed 30cm2 e.g. 3cm x 1cm or 1.5cm x1.5cm, except trademarks on bows and stabilizers which may not exceed 400cm2.
  • The official insignia, flag or emblem of the country, National Association, RGB or Club they represent has no restriction as to size and is not counted as advertising.
  • Adverting must not obscure or cover up the competitors name, country code, or official insignia or logo.
  • These advertising requirements are to be observed by all team officials present on the field of play.

How is Advertising Measured?


A sponsors advertising is measured by determining the width and height of the object as a square or rectangle and multiplying the numbers, e.g. 10cm x 5cm equals 50cm2.


Odd shaped logos or a circular logo are measured as a square.


If there are multiple logos on an item the total size of all logos is added together and the total must not exceed 400cm2.








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