Judging FAQs - General


Question 1:

Is the use of pencils allowed when scoring at all tournaments including World Archery sanctioned events—National Championships, Award Tournaments and World Ranking events?

There are no rules that disallow the use of pencil for scoring arrows. The possibility of cheating is prevented by the cross-checking between the two scorers and by the judges controlling the conduct of scoring. Therefore scoring with pencil is permitted.

Question 2:

If we are using electronic scoring do we need to also record the scores on a paper scorecard?


Yes, you must have at least one hard copy paper scorecard. Electronic results maybe altered without people's knowledge, if there is any question about electronic results only the signed paper is considered the true and correct record.  Records and awards will not be recognised with only electronic results.


Question 1:

I have to identify my arrows with my name or initials when shooting in a tournament. Where can I write my name, on the shaft, wrap or vanes? 


World Archery rules identify either the shaft or wrap. You can not have your name or initials on the vanes.


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