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1. Active in archery for a minimum of 12 months. Under certain circumstances this may be waived by the Officials Committee.

2. Attain a minimum age of 18 years.

3. Be a current financial member (Individual Affiliate) of Archery Australia


     attend a Judge Seminar conducted by your RGB and pass the National Judges Examinations.


   successfully complete the 5 online judges modules at then,

   request the officials committee at to consider your application.




1. Be a current financial member (Individual Affiliate) of Archery Australia.

2. Serve as a National Judge Candidate for a minimum period of 12 months and a maximum period of 24 months and receive positive assessments from supervising National Judges. Under certain circumstances this time period may be extended by the Officials Committee.

3. Work as an official at 8 approved tournaments (including at least one Target and one Field tournament) under the supervision and assessment of a National Judge. National Judge Candidates may officiate at QREs but these must not make up more than 50% of the total days and must have been undertaken under the supervision and assessment of a National Judge.

4. Act as Director of Shooting or Assistant Director of Shooting under the supervision and assessment of a National Judge, at least once. 

5. Respond in writing to a minimum of 50% of the case studies in Judges News (minimum of 12 case studies to be completed).




To be reaccredited, a National Judge must actively participate as an official at the following level over a four (4) year period. ‘Participation’ can come in the form of any combination of the following, as long as the minimum is achieved:

1. Be a current financial member (Individual Affiliate) of Archery Australia.

2. Officiate as a Judge, Director of Shooting or Jury Member: (Minimum: 16 officiating days over 4 years)

                Note: a two-day event counts as two separate officiating days.

3. Respond in writing to at least 50% of all Case Studies published in the national Judges News. (Minimum: 24 case studies responses in 4 years)

4. Other judging events: (Minimum: 4 ‘other events’)

There is an expectation that judges will work collaboratively with other judges, outside of the tournament situation, at least once per year.

This may include, but is not limited to, face-to face discussion, Skype or phone discussion regarding Rules and their interpretation,

attending a seminar or preparing/training new NJCs.




1. Judges from Other Countries

If the Chairperson of the Officials Committee and at least one RGB Administrator are satisfied that an applicant who is an accredited National Judge in another country meets the requirements for a National Judge in Australia, that person may be accredited as a National Judge or National Judge Candidate (whichever is appropriate) in Australia.

2. Extension of National Judge Candidate accreditation period

Any National Judge Candidate who, due to exceptional circumstances, does not achieve accreditation as a National Judge within 24 months shall be required to apply in writing to the Chairperson of the Officials Committee for consideration of an extension.

3. Lapse of National Judge Accreditation

If a National Judge who loses accreditation applies for re-accreditation within two years of the loss of accreditation, he/she shall not be required to complete the online Modules, but shall serve as a National Judge Candidate for twelve months.


If a former National Judge wishes to obtain reaccreditation after more than two years have elapsed since last accredited, he/she shall be required to undertake the full accreditation process, beginning with the online Training Modules to achieve NJC status. 

Any National Judges whose accreditation has lapsed or they are not a current financial member of Archery Australia is no longer permitted to officiate as a National Judge.



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