Para Archery Competition

Para Archery competition is the same as able bodied archery competition.

The first round, called the Ranking Round, consists of shooting 72 arrows at 70m with a target 122cm in diameter consisting of with 10 scoring zones (recurve) and 50m with a target of 80cm in diameter consisting of 6 scoring zones (compound).

These rings increase in point value the smaller and the closer they get to the centre, so a hit in the outermost zone is worth one point (recurve and 5 points (compound) while a hit in the centre, the ‘gold’, is worth 10 points.

The total arrow score shot during the Ranking Round is the basis for the archers ‘ranking’.

The second round called Matchplay consists of a series of individual head to head elimination matches followed by the medal matches.

The individual matches rounds are contested on a head-to-head elimination basis, where the winner progress to the next round.

The order of shooting for matchplay is determined by the archer’s ranking from the first round. Usually, the first ranked archer will face the last ranked, the second ranked the second last and so on.

In some events, the highest ranked archers are automatically advanced to a higher stage of the match play rounds. In the event of a tie, an arrow-by-arrow shoot-off is held.

The winning archer advances to the next round.

There are competitions for 2 bow types for Open para archers:

-          Recurve – 122cm target at 70m

-          Compound – 80cm target (6-ring) at 50m

W1 para-archers can choose to shoot a recurve or a compound bow.

In practice, almost all W1 para-archers shoot with a compound bow, however, magnified sights, peep sights, and levels are not allowed.

W1 recurve archers are allowed to use mechanical release aids.
W1 shoot to a full 80cm target at 50m with 10 scoring zones.
The maximum draw weight for W1 archers is 45lb.

W1 athletes may also compete in the Compound Open division. Equipment rules for the Compound Open Division will then apply as per World Archery rules.

In matchplay, recurve archers use the set system and compound archers use the cumulative score of 15 arrows.

Besides individual competition, there are also team competitions:

-          Gender teams of 3 archers (not currently part of the Paralympic program)

-          Mixed gender team of two archers.

Specific rules for para archery can be found in Book 3, Chapter 21 of the World Archery Shooting Rules CLICK HERE 

Australian RMO archers at 2015 World Para Championships


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