Longbow Equipment

Archery Australia has specific rules for Longbow which generally follow World Archery Rules (check HERE for the Australian Rules).

In competition in Australia:

Wood and Aluminium arrows are permitted.

Carbon and Carbom/Aluminimun arrows are NOT permitted.

The bow must correspond to the traditional understanding of a longbow, which means that, when strung, the string may not touch any other part of the bow except for the string nocks.

The bow may be made from any type of material or combination of material.

The shape of the grip and the limbs are not restricted.

Centershot is permitted.

Two and three piece bows are permitted but takedown bows using ILF (International Limb Fitting) limbs are NOT permitted.


For juniors and women the bow shall not be less than 150 cm (58") in length.

For men the bow shall not be less than 160 cm (63") in length.

The length of the bow is measured between string nocks with the bow unstrung.


Bowstrings may be made of any material.


If the bow has an arrow shelf that shelf may be used as an arrow rest, it may be covered with any type of soft material. Standard type arrow rests used on recurve and compound bows are NOT permitted.


Aluminium or wooden arrows arrows are permitted.

There is no weight or shape restriction for the point, although hunting points are NOT permitted.

Fletching shall consist of natural feathers only.


No weights or stabilisers are permitted.

No sight or marks on the bow that help aiming are allowed. (No marks or blemishes or laminations that can be used that help with aiming are permitted.)

No draw-check device is permitted.

Face or string walking is not permitted.

A ground marker is not permitted.

As Longbow is shot without sights, no notes or writen information to assist with aiming or sight references are permitted.


Arrows may be shot using either the Mediterranean release (one finger above and two fingers below the arrow) or three fingers below the arrow (within 2 mm).

In addition to the above requirements, all other Barebow recurve rules will apply

NOTE - If you wish to claim World Archery awards (Arrowhead) shooting a longbow, this may only be achieved if you have entered a tournament and competing in the Barebow Recurve division (i.e. generally the blue pegs). 

World Archery does not recognise Arrowhead claims for the Longbow division even when shooting equipment that complies with World Archery rules.


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