Archery Instructor

The Archery Instructor course is the base course in the National Coaching Program.

It is the first step Coach Pathway although it is considered the most important step as Archery Instructors introduce new people to the sport and are the first point of contact many people have with Archery.

Archery Instructor courses can be conducted by Clubs, RGBs and Archery Australia using the Introduction to Archery manual and associated documentation which are all available from the AA Office.

Archery Instructor course presenters must have current Archery Australia accreditation to a level higher than the course being delivered, e.g Archery Instructor course can be conducted by a Club Coach.

Copies of the Introduction to Archery manual can be obtained from Archery Australia. Click here for contact details.

Cost - $25.00 plus postage. 

Course Documents

Archery Instructor Course - Details of course structure and content (Currently under review)
Introduction to Archery Manual - PDF Format (Note file size is very large)

For a copy of the Exam Paper send and email to

Course Overhead Presentations

1. Welcome
2. Safety
3. Member Protection
4. Selecting Equipment
5. Disabled
6. Demonstration First Shots
7. Shooting Technique - TEN STEPS
8. Introduction to Equipment
9. Stringing a Recurve Bow
10. Scoring
11. Removing Arrows
12. Eye Dominance

Images and Videos

Ten Steps Poster

Course Documents

NOTE - All forms being updated to online forms, refer to Archery Australia Office for manual forms in the interim.

NCP 2 - Course Registration

NCP 4 - Participant Registration

NCP 5 - Course Participant Course Assessment

NCP 6 - Coaches Code of Ethics Online Form

 For more information on the next Archery Instructor Course contact Archery Australia Office or your RGB Secretary.


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